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Industry Partner Internships


After completion of the career curriculum, and a project consult, the DVX students will apply their knowledge by completing a 12-week internship with a Da Vinci Industry Partner. These internships happen March-May of the student's Spring Semester.  The internships are completed with a Presentation of Learning, where stakeholders are invited to a final presentation of completed work and experience by the students. 


See below for this year's Industry Partners!


Email to become an industry partner for the '23 Spring Semester.  

This year Belkin International is hosting 10 internships across different functions at the firm:


  1.  Global Marketing Intern

  2.  Global Product Management Intern

  3.  IT Service Desk Intern

  4.  Sales Intern 

  5.  Product Management Intern

  6.  Digital Asset Marketing Intern

  7.  Product Management Intern

  8.  D&I Community Outreach Intern

  9.  Copy Intern

  10.  Global Digital Marketing Inter

1-2 DVX students will work at Connect K-8 as Para Educator while learning the inter-workings at a primary school. 

1 DVX student will job shadow a non-profit lawyer to get career exposure at a law firm. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 14.07.12.png

1 DVX student will work directly with the Athletic Department to create relevant content and manage various athletic social media channels. 

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