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Southern New Hampshire University

The partnership with Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America program offers students an affordable, flexible, and relevant-to-employment pathway to Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree completion. This program is free to Da Vinci students in the DVX program.

The DVX-Southern New Hampshire University Approach

* Online, competency-based approach with real-world projects through College for America.

* Earn an Associate's degree (AA) and a Bachelor’s degree (BA). (See degree options below)

* Dedicated coach to provide in-person study support and help you navigate college and career.

* Two transcripts: you’ll earn a College for America transcript that reflects the mastered competencies, and a traditional course transcript from Southern New Hampshire University.

College for America at SNHU is a fully accredited degree program.


College for America Website

How College for America Works

More information about College for America



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