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Ucla x and El camino

• Students can earn transferable college credits through UCLA Extension and El Camino College at DVX for free.

• Students have access to a rigorous college education while gaining on-the-job work experience in high-demand jobs through paid and unpaid internships and project consultations.

• Students will be required to be in on-campus and in-Person classes between 6 and 20 hours a week depending on their academic schedule. Additional work outside of class is required for all classes and is dependent on the specific class.

• Students have access to tutoring, advising, and teacher/professor support while moving through the program with a group of students who share a common bond; these students are taught by college professors and committed Da Vinci teachers whom the students know well.

• Students have easy access to high-demand general education courses that are frequently over-enrolled in local community colleges.

Admission Requirements
• Prospective students must be current 12th graders at Da Vinci Design, Da Vinci Communications, Da Vinci Science, Da Vinci connect hs, or Da Vinci Rise, and be in good standing and on pace for graduation.

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