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The partnership with Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America program offers students an affordable, flexible, and relevant-to-employment pathway to Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree completion. This program is free to Da Vinci students in the DVX program.

Communications (BA)

- Business (Concentration)

- Healthcare (Concentration)



The Bachelor of Arts in Communications at SNHU offers students a multidisciplinary and global approach to the study of the communication profession. The Communications program provides students with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to a wide range of careers in both the public and private sectors in fields such as public relations, social media, advertising, organizational communications, new media, corporate communications, and visual media. In the age of instantaneous and unfiltered global communication, students in the program will develop the analytical and media literacy skills necessary for generating meaning from a myriad of communication messages across a wide variety of channels, cultures, contexts, and modes of delivery. Students will also develop the technical skills to create professional and effective communication messages for a multitude of specific purposes and that target diverse audiences.


Program Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of the communication discipline in adapting to evolving workplace environments and changing technological landscapes

  • Engage targeted audiences with messages that are informed by analyses of stakeholder requirements and that are guided by ethical and legal considerations

  • Create messages using multiple modes of delivery that represent expressions of business and personal import and that honor the cultural contexts in which they occur

  • Demonstrate business acuity through the application of foundational business practices and the inter- and intra-personal skills required of successful communication professionals

  • Gather and interpret information needed to make informed decisions guided by communication theory and ethical and legal considerations


Management (BA)

- Insurance Services (Concentration)

- Logistics and Operations (Concentration)

- Public Administration (Concentration)



The Bachelor of Arts in Management at Southern New Hampshire University prepares graduates to plan, oversee, coordinate, and direct the operations of organizations in a complex, fast-paced, and ever-changing world. Students explore the field of management from an integrated, holistic viewpoint, gaining the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions to be successful, adaptable managers in a variety of business environments. Weaving together theoretical, technical, and interpersonal aspects, the program highlights the functional areas of business and the practical skills needed to manage diverse people and projects. 

The program creates opportunities for students to develop a growth-mindset to solve challenges for one’s self, a team, and an organization. Combining critical thinking and open-mindedness with innovative and entrepreneurial approaches, students practice making informed decisions. The integration of thematic knowledge and skills in team dynamics, communication, and design thinking throughout the program enables students to develop the ability to balance priorities between contributors in an organization, moving themselves and their teams forward.


Program Outcomes

  • Apply foundational business practices in solving organizational problems and managing project and employee performance guided by ethical and legal parameters

  • Foster team connections in varied contexts through interpersonal and group interactions as informed by current management principles and theories

  • Evaluate business and organizational opportunities in the context of internal and external environments

  • Manage organizational processes and model practices that promote resourceful, flexible approaches to both emerging issues and day-to-day operations

  • Communicate effectively in light of constantly changing business and technological environments


Healthcare Management (BA)

- Communications (Concentration)

- Global Healthcare Perspectives (Concentration)



The B.A. in Healthcare Management program prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully meet the needs of a growing healthcare industry. Students explore how healthcare managers, administrators, and executives plan, direct, and coordinate health services for the populations they serve. Students learn about key areas in healthcare, including regulation and compliance, healthcare quality management, finance, and emerging trends in the field. Students also gain valuable skills in effective professional communication, community engagement, and innovation that will help them grow as people-oriented professionals 

This program was designed to align with Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) Bodies of Knowledge to ensure that the knowledge, skills, and abilities mastered in the program are directly relevant to careers in healthcare. There is high demand for healthcare professionals by employers due to an aging population and declining workforce, and students in this program will develop the skills to lead a variety of healthcare organizations in response to this need. 


Program Outcomes

  • Apply healthcare business practices in addressing organizational goals and challenges and managing project and employee performance guided by ethical, legal, and regulatory parameters

  • Foster cross-functional collaboration in creating a culturally competent healthcare environment that benefits all stakeholders using relevant management theories

  • Recommend strategies that support continuous improvement of healthcare organizations based on sound decision-making strategies and the gathering and interpreting of evidence-based data

  • Manage organizational processes and model practices that promote resourceful, flexible approaches to wellness, emerging issues, and daily operations in healthcare organizations

  • Communicate effectively and professionally to all stakeholders, especially in light of the constantly changing complexities in the healthcare field





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