The partnership with Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America program offers students an affordable, flexible, and relevant-to-employment pathway to Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree completion. This program is free to Da Vinci students in the DVX program.

General Studies (AA)

- Business (Concentration)

- Transforming the Customer Experience (Concentration)


The Associate in Arts General Studies provides students with a strong foundation in the skills that employers and students value in the professional workplace. Designed to support today’s workers in developing the competencies needed for advancing their careers, the degree draws upon insights from workforce and industry leaders about the skills and knowledge that are essential for professional success. 

Through an innovative, project-based approach, students complete competency-based, real-world deliverables, developing valuable competencies in the process. Students use constructive feedback to learn and improve, while strengthening written and oral communication, critical thinking and problem solving, ethics, and collaboration skills. 


Program Outcomes

  • A graduate of SNHU is expected to gain awareness and understanding of human cultures and the physical and natural world through study in Fine Arts and Humanities; Social and Behavioral Sciences; and Science, Technology, and Mathematics

  • A graduate of SNHU is expected to use effective written, verbal, and non-verbal communication for a variety of situations, genres, purposes, and audiences

  • A graduate of SNHU is expected to think critically and creatively by locating, assessing, and analyzing relevant information using quantitative and qualitative reasoning

  • A graduate of SNHU is expected to demonstrate the ability to learn and work collaboratively with individuals of diverse cultures and perspectives in order to reach common goals

  • A graduate of SNHU is expected to assess and accept the consequences of one’s actions, be an informed and responsible citizen, and affect positive change in the world

  • A graduate of SNHU is expected to integrate general and discipline-based knowledge, apply this knowledge in and beyond the classroom, and reflect upon these experiences


Healthcare Management (AA)

Healthcare Management (AA)



The Associate in Arts Healthcare Management is designed to prepare healthcare professionals with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to actively support healthcare organizations. Students learn key concepts in healthcare and business that are relevant to all healthcare professionals, including organizational culture, ethics, and healthcare delivery. Students gain skills in effective collaboration, communication, and technology to enhance their ability to contribute to high-functioning teams in a variety of healthcare fields. There is high demand for skilled healthcare professionals from employers due to an aging population and declining workforce, and students in this program will acquire the tools they need to respond to this opportunity.


Program Outcomes

  • Promote an organizational culture of compliance in healthcare environments based on ethical, legal, and regulatory parameters that support healthcare delivery.

  • Communicate professionally and collaborate cross-functionally in support of a culturally competent healthcare environment. 

  • Explore strategies that support continuous improvement of healthcare organizations based on sound decision-making strategies and interpretation of evidence-based data.



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