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Greeting Students, Families and Friends of Da Vinci Extension, It is our pleasure to introduce you to the new Da Vinci Extension channel of communication through our inaugural blog post. For those of you not familiar with Da Vinci Extension (DVX), it is a college pathway program, founded in 2015. At DVX we offer college, career and life lessons to support students in their journey to becoming happy, healthy, independent adults. You can access more information about our program by visiting our website, here This blog offers a new way to communicate with students and families with need-to-know news and updates as well as sharing the great work that students and staff are doing. While we navigate through this interesting time with education being provided to students remotely, our program is thriving.  An example is we currently have 10 Belkin students completing their spring internships from home, which will be quite a resume builder for them. Our external project consults continue remotely as well with students working on projects for the City of El Segundo and The Farmer Market in Hermosa Beach. We will highlight their work in a future blog. We have all courses being completed online and our students are responding well to the platforms being used with online learning. We continue to offer supports outside of the classroom with group and individual counseling. As we continue to stay home and flatten the curve we appreciate all you are doing to help our students thrive. We will send out a regular update and all blog posts will be archived for easy reference on the DVX website found here.

We would love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have! Thanks, The DVX staff

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